Google Books Search Hack

Googles book search does not allow browsing all the pages of books. My first try to go around this was to search a book for words like and which should be available on most pages. Google does not allow this, but have a look at the following funny search term:

This should display all pages that contain the words of or on. Google does not search for either of the two words because they are too general, but strangely returns ALL the pages.

So, there you go. All pages browsable.

Update 2005-12-07:

It looks like Google has quickly fixed the problem, when browsing a few pages you get the error message

Your search is too general. Please try again with a more specific query.

How to Design Large Erlang Systems

Once upon a time I wanted to give the programming language Erlang a try because it seems to have a lot of features that are required for making a good Multi-agent system. So I asked at the mailing list how to design large systems using erlang, because it obviously needed a different approach from the usual object oriented decomposition. Luckily, I got a very interesting response to my question from the inventor of Erlang himself. Here is what he has to say (I added html syntax):

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