LZMA Compression in Linux

7-zip has one of the best compression ratio / decompression speed ratios of the planet. Give it a try, compression ratio is a bit better than RAR, and decompression is faster. The linux port is p7zip.

Unfortunately you cannot use 7zip for streams like gzip or bzip2. 7zip uses LZMA as the compression routine, and it is possible to use just this high end compressor to get the best of both worlds.

This is how to get it:

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Exception Handling versus Logging

Exceptions versus Logging

The big question is, when to use logging and when exceptions? Let me tell you a story:

Not so long ago I have been working in a Java project where I introduced log4j, and was very happy to see that all the System.out.println‘s got removed and replaced with the much more sophisticated logging. For a while, life was good. But soon something startet to smell. At first it was a faint scent, and nobody noticed it. Then it got bigger. And bigger. And even bigger. Continue reading “Exception Handling versus Logging”


Some years ago I have played a bit with CoreWars, which is a very interesting programming game. corwars.co.uk seems is now hosting my site, because I am too lazy to integrate the data into my new homepage. Have a look at Yace, exhaust-ma and qMars here.