How To Make Firefox Over 40% Faster

If you use Linux on a Laptop, chances are high that you can dramatically improve the responsiveness of all your GUI applications. This tip will work for you if you:

In short, the trick is to disable powernowd and use the ondemand governor instead. How to do this in Ubuntu comes later, let me first show you what this change gets you. In short, you get maximum performance and a longer battery life.
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e – Extract Any Archive


With this little tool you can extract almost any archive in Linux so you do not need to remember which tool and what command lines are necessary.


I got fed up with the sheer impossible number of compression formats out there. I am an avid linux command line user, but remembering 20 different commands with strange switches to get to the juicy content of a compressed files is too much for me.

Therefore I have just happily spent a few hours of my life to write the application e that identifies which extraction tool to call with what parameter in order to save me precious seconds of rereading forgotten manpages.
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