TextAnalyzer – Automatically Extract Characteristic Words

TextAnalzyer is a text analyzer tool that finds out words that are characteristic for a given input file. It is independent from any language, and even seems to work well with HTML files.

This program is only a little prototype, that shows that this technique seems to work. It’s public domain, feel free to do whatever you like with it:
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Three Laws of Software Development

seecretGeek has a nice blog entry about the three laws of Software Development, inspired by Isaac Asimov’s Laws of Robotics (minor adaptations from me):

  1. A developer must write code that creates value.
  2. A developer must make their code easy to maintain, except where such expenditure will conflict with the first law.
  3. A developer must reduce their code to the smallest size possible, as long as such reduction does not conflict with the first two laws.

That’s about all there is to software development. Print this out, make copies for all your coworkers, and engrave it in stone plates so that our childrens children will still be able to live by these timeless wisdoms!

Statistical Unit Tests with ensure4j

As part of another project I am developing ensure4j. The syntax (see the examples here) is working quite nicely, ensure4j is already very useful for internal use.

Lately I was busy adding tests that are able to verify if some code (e.g. an optimizer that uses random, like genetic algorithm, simulated annealing, …) produces the desired in e.g. 95% of the cases (Wikipedia has a nice practical example for confidence intervals).

Example Usage

Here is an example that tests the nonsense code Math.random() * 2.

The code most likely does not make much sense out of context like this, so here is an explanation of what it does:

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