How to Install Anything in Ubuntu Condensed

This is a very condensed excerpt of the excellent article How to install ANYTHING in Ubuntu.

Search, install, remove available packages (preferred method)

.deb (you have to take care of dependencies on your own)

.rpm (requires sudo aptitude install alien)

.tar.gz (requires sudo aptitude install checkinstall)

.package, .sh, .bin (Just download and execute)

.exe (requires sudo aptitude install wine)

RFind – Quickly Find Files

RFind is a little application that indexes the filenames of a given directory, and allows to quickly search this index with regular expressions.

The motivation behind this app was that someone thought this had to be in C++ to be fast, so I proved him wrong: search-on-typing with more than 500,000 indexed filenames is easily possible 🙂

I have tried to make this little tool very configurable so that is can be useful to everyone. Some of the features are:

  • Hierarchical presented search results
  • Search-on-typing
  • Define rules to execute on mouseclick


This tool is written in Ruby and requires fxruby 1.0, which is a bit out of date. I will try to update it to a recent version of fxruby soon.