Clearlooks Compact Update

I have made a minor update to the Clearlooks Compact theme, the panel menu now uses small icons.

Clearlooks Compact is a Gnome theme that tries to make use of the wasted screen space as much as possible. It is especially useful for small screens like on the Eee PC, or with intense applications like Eclipse.

This theme is picking up some steam lately:

I am using it on my 22″ monitor and like it here too.

Netvibes Search Widgets Updated

I have just updated the Netvibes (iGoogle, Apple Dashboard, Opera, Windows Live) search widgets with some Javascript voodoo. See my previous post for more info about these widgets. You can try them inline here:

Even though there is not much about this search, I have done quite a bit of user interface tweaks to make them easier to use. Here are the new features:

Remember Latest Selection
When you use e.g. the Open Source Search, the previously used operating system (selected by clicking on the button) is automatically used when you just enter the search term end press Return. The selection is highlighted with bold text.
Select Text On Click
Clicking into the text field automatically selects the whole text, so it is easier to reuse the textfield. I have also entered a default value, because from the webanalyzer logs I found out that many people just click on the buttons without entering any text, so now it should be more obvious how this thing works.
No Textfield Changes
The previous version added a text like more:Linux into the search box that was used by the custom search. This clutter is now hidden from the user.

I think the widgets are much more useful now. If you like them, add them to Netvibes, iGoogle, Apple Dashboard, Opera, Windows Live, or Windows Vista here:

I think the widgets are now much more useful. Post if you have any problems!