Converting the audio of a DVD into a WAV is a piece of cake, with the right tools and if one is willing to use the command line:

This is already pretty neat, but I usually want to convert backup the DVD’s audio into an Ogg Vorbis stream. This is possible without an intermediate wav file:

Yet another example of the power of named pipes 😎

Subversion Propset Script

I use a script to set the svn:keywords properties recursively for all files of a given pattern:

Modify the PATTERNS and KEYWORDS variables as you like, and execute it with

to set properties for all the files found by the script. You can do a

to list all files that are modified with this action, and commit via

Secure SSH, CVS, SCP without Password Prompt

For the old version of this homepage I have used CVS to update the websites. I have done this via SSH, which is pretty secure but has the annoying disadvantage of asking for a password for each operation. If you can trust the security of your client computer, there is a way to get rid of the password altogehter, without loosing security:

  1. Suppose the domain name of your server is server, and your login name loginname.
  2. On the client, generate a public and private key.

    When asked for a password, simply press return. The private key is stored in ~/.ssh/id_dsa, and the public key in ~/.ssh/id_dsa.pub. Never give the private key away!

  3. Copy the public file to the server with
  4. Login on the server with

    append the copied file to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys with

  5. If you want to enable this features on other servers, just repeat step 3 on each of the servers.

That’s it! If you have done everything correctly, the next time you login via SSH or use CVS over SSH, you will not need to enter a password yet you have a secure connenction.