Svnadmin Dump And Load Over SSH

This is how I mirrored my subversion repository over a SSH connection:

Before this works you need to log in on the server servername and create a repository with e.g. svnadmin create /path/to/repository/on/server.

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Hello, Martin! I need to do the same thing: dump and load svn repos to a remote server, so i tried your recommendation, but got some error messages: * Dumped revision 0. * Dumped revision 1. * Dumped revision 2. * Dumped revision 3. * Dumped revision 4. svnadmin: Can’t open ‘/var/svn/bckups/db/tempfile.tmp’: Permission denied svnadmin: Can’t write to stream: Broken pipe “bckups” is my directory on the remote server to which I load the repos, so it seems like it can’t open the tempfile.tmp on the remote server. I am able to reach my server via ssh (in fact, most… Read more »

I had same error while commiting changes in some files and was forgetting ‘svn update’ before doing ‘svn commit’.
After doing that.. problem was solved.