Fast Random bool in C++

With lots of benchmarks

While playing around with fast random number generators, I’ve started contemplating what’s the fastest way to uniformly generate random boolean values. The correct solution is this (never mind the bad seeding of mt19937, but it’s just too cumbersome to do it correctly): [Read More]

Visualizing Bitcoin's Unspent Transaction Output

UTXO in all it's glory

About 5 years ago I’ve created a nice graph of all the bitcoin addresses. I got this: A year later I’ve tried to recreate it, but couldn’t because my PC at that time did not have enough RAM for znort987’s parser that I had used. Fast forward to September 2018, bitcoin now has an a fantastic simple REST interface! So I’ve tried again to create an updated graph of all unspent bitcoin transactions. Unfortunately, my previously used gnuplot script didn’t cut it any more. Too much RAM useage even for my now 32GB machine. I wrote my own renderer and... [Read More]

Essential Linux Dev Stuff

I’ve recently started developing more in Linux, here is a collection of tools, tips and tricks to get the most out of the box. I’ll expand this list from time to time. [Read More]