New Release of Dice-RPG

I was bored today so I have updated my little program Dice-RPG to work with fox 1.6.


Dice-RPG is a free dice throwing program that can be used for role playing games. Although I have never played a RPG in my entire life, my brother forced me to write this tool for the good of mankind (actually, I wrote it because I did not have anything better to do, but don’t tell him).

Here is a screenshot:


To use Dice-RPG,

  1. Install the Ruby one-click installer from here if you don’t have it already. This is a runtime, like Java or C#.
  2. Download Dice-RPG.rbw (right click and save the link) and doubleclick it.

Have fun!

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You should be bored more often.

Martin Ankerl

You can find a bit more info on my chief marketing manager’s site:


I’m looking for a standalone miniapplication of dice throwing
to includ inm an interactive powerpoint show, pps, and stumbled with your application notice but i coould not find a a way to downloasd and try it, would you be so kind as to show it ~~ thanks for your possible attention.


Martin Ankerl

Hi henrique, first install Ruby, then right click on the link named “Dice-RPG.rbw”, and doubleclick the downloaded file.