Calculate How Much Of What You Should Eat

I proudly present: the Keto Calculator.

If you do not know about the ketogenic diet, here are lots of introduction videos.

This is a calculator that finds out the optimal nutrition ratio and amount of food you should eat for your weight loss / maintenance goal. It includes a nifty prognosis chart at the bottom, once you’ve filled out everything.

All of the formulas and calculations are based on the most up to date research I could find. I have discussed most of the calculations at length in the /r/keto forum, where quite some scientific knowledgeable people hang out.

To the best of my knowledge, all the calculations are correct. Keep in mind that the data is based on the average person. Each individual is different, so the results might not be optimal for you.

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Melissa Burns

what journaling program do you think is best to use along with the parameters from your keto calculator? I’ve been using Do you have your own program you’ve come up with?

Absolutely agree Losing weight (for the most part) comes down to eatnig less calories then you burn each day.Many people make the mistake of thinking that they can over eat and just burn it off in the gym later.The problem with this thinking is that depending on how overboard you went you may need to spend several hours in the gym to make up for it.For example If you ate a cream filled doughnut you just took in 360 calories. It takes half an hour of running to burn off 300 calories.You would have to spend aprox 35 minutes to… Read more »