Hi fellow readers, two days ago I have noticed that my blog got hacked. Somebody has used php injection to add lots of links to dubious sites to my blog. This was invisible to the browsers but very much for search engines, and as a result I have been kicked out of the google index. Oh well. I have just upgraded to the newest version of wordpress, and the content is back too. While I am at it, I will also select and customize a brand new theme to make this site look uber-cool and hip again. That means that this site’s look might change several times within the next few days, I hope everything will be back to normal and sleek looking by the end of the week.


It looks like everything is back to normal again, wohoo! I have done a clean install with the newest release of Wordpress, and configured more strict access rights in .htaccess. I have even found a cool looking theme that I like better than the last one :smiley: This version also has much better anti spam filtering.