Finally! PROFACTOR (the company I work for) has decided to get a youtube account and upload some videos. Best of all, this gives me a chance to show off a bit of my (our) work ;)

iRob Feeder is a solution for equipping of industry facilities. We can recognize the 3D position of different pices, grasp it, put it wherever you want them, and all of this quickly. Actually, the whole thing is a bit more than that, since it is possible to reuse components from it. We have a nice demonstrator for very fast object recognition moving along on a conveyer belt.

Here you can see it in action:

I am mostly involved in the algorithm development on the object recognition side. We have put quite some effort into making it fast: depending on the kind of object, we can have a reliable recognition in as low as 0.1 second on a standard desktop PC.

Hopefully Profactor will post some more videos about this in the near future.

PS: The article here are my personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect the position of my employee.