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My name is Martin Ankerl, I am a software developer, and work in the Multi-Agent Systems department at the research company Profactor.

I had my first exposure to software development in a college for control engineering, and was hooked. In 1999 I began working at CSC Austria (formerly ServoData) as a Junior professional developer where I was involved in developing banking software. While it was a solid and well payed job, it did not satisfy my interests.

After working for a one year I quit and began studying Software Engineering at the university Hagenberg, which I can highly recommend. During my study I had the chance to do my internship at Industrial Research Limited in Auckland, New Zealand. I went back to Austria to write my diploma thesis at Joanneum Research.

In 2004 I started working at Profactor at the process and system intelligence department, with a focus on multi agent systems. Since then I have worked on multiple research projects with both universities and small and medium-sized enterprises as partners. Project work with both universities and enterprises is quite challenging because of the different interests and focus of the partners: we have to satisfy both worlds and deliver first class research in high quality software. To achieve this I am combining modern software engineering methods (agile software development, test driven development, extreme programming, etc.) with our research process.

Apart from my job, I have developed several open source tools in my free time. The most prominent are fxri (an interface to the Ruby documentation. fxri is part of the Ruby Windows Installer), Yace (a genetic programming tool), XDCC-Fetch, and several others.

You can also find me on Google+ and Facebook.


Whatever you find on this website represents my opinion alone and is not necessarily related to the position of Profactor or any other company.