How To: Download Any Flash Video with flashrip in Ubuntu

Downloading flash videos in Linux was already not too difficult, but thanks to flashrip, it has gotten very easy. Here is a little demo how it works:

Once installed, you basically use one click to get a video preview and then a prompt with the filename to save the file. The script works by looking into the newest flash files in your /tmp folder, and creates a hardlink to the save destination. When the video has fully loaded, you can close the browser window. The temp file will get deleted, and the linked copy will remain.

Installing flashrip

Open a terminal like gnome-terminal or konsole, and run these commands:

Now all thats left to do is to create a link in your gnome panel for ease of use: Right click the gnome panel, “Add to panel…”, choose “Custom Application Launcher…”. Choose a proper name, and a command like this:

For the command, replace the second parameter with the default location where you want to save the ripped videos (you have to use the full path here!)

I have tested this in Ubuntu, but it should work on any linux where gnome is installed.

Have fun!

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Nice script, thanks.


whats a console?, you mean a terminal, or…, what is it?


It’s works now =) , that’s cool, THANKS!!!

Martin Ankerl

Hi eric, yes I’ve ment terminal Ive fixed the text, thanks 🙂


hey its me again, so…your a programmer, your flash script got me interested into programming, I downloaded the C++ (code::blocks IDE) for my Ubuntu 9.10, any quick tips for a beginner? email me or reply