git has a very configurable logging options. I’ve played a while with the configuration, and found an awesome alias that looks just beautiful. It only works as of git 1.8.3 (March 24, 2013) because it uses auto coloring.

git config --global alias.l 'log --graph --pretty=format:"%C(auto)%h%<(3)%d %s %C(bold blue)(%cr, %an)%Creset" --abbrev-commit --all'
git config --global 'log --graph --pretty=format:"%C(auto)%h%<(3)%d %s %C(bold blue)(%cr, %an)%Creset%n" --abbrev-commit --all --find-copies -M --stat'

git l

Output of git l:


git ls

Output of git ls is similar, just a bit more verbose: