Here is a collection of visual body fat charts. Use these to estimate your personal body fat for the keto calculator. See below for men.


body-fat-percentages-female-high low female body fat percentages 15% female body fat comparrison female at 8-9 percent body fat 5GZMP

As you can see, even the same body fat percentag (here twice 15%) can look quite different, depending on your muscles and where the body fat is positioned. The minimum possible body fat percentage is 8-9%. This low is not sustainable, and very unhealthy! If you are female, don’t go that low.


Men at different body fat levels male body fat percentages 10-percent-body-fat-male-pictures1 Picture of a man at 3-4% body fat

As above with the female pictures, here are also two images with the same body fat percentage: 10% can look quite different, depending on how muscular you are and where your body fat is positioned. The lowest male can go os 3-4%, but this is not at all healthy at all. It is only possible to reach such low body fat for a very short period of time. I’d say the lowest you should go to still be healthy is 10%.

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