• How To Introduce a Wiki

    On my quest of successfully installing a wiki at my workplace, I came to the conclusion that the biggest problem is a social one. On this quest, I fought with Google and other search engines to present you this list of great links to this topic: [Read More]
  • Subversion Propset Script 2.0

    This Ruby script is pretty convenient to set the svn:keywords of given filetypes. It uses regular expressions to match file names, and also supports exclude patterns as well. Just modify the $includes and $excludes variables as you need. [Read More]
  • Documentation has to Scale

    Whenever you create a program and try to not suffer the Not Invented Here syndrom, you have to research all kind of libraries. The biggest obstactle at this point it mostly the lack of good documentation, that let you start quickly. I lay particular emphasis on quickly, because there are a lot of excellent libraries available that have very detailed and precice documentation, but take a lot of time just to find out what it does and how to use it. A nice example is log4j. The first link in the documentation section links to Short introduction to log4j, which... [Read More]
  • DVD to WAV, DVD to OGG

    Converting the audio of a DVD into a WAV is a piece of cake, with the right tools and if one is willing to use the command line: [Read More]
  • Secure SSH, CVS, SCP without Password Prompt

    For the old version of this homepage I have used CVS to update the websites. I have done this via SSH, which is pretty secure but has the annoying disadvantage of asking for a password for each operation. If you can trust the security of your client computer, there is a way to get rid of the password altogehter, without loosing security: [Read More]
  • svnlog2html

    Subversion has the ability to output a log file in XML format. I think it would be pretty straightforward to implement an application in Ruby (mabe with use of Amrita), that creates some nice looking statistic about the repository. [Read More]
  • DoNoFo

    SuperMemo is the only application I know of that tries to improve ones memory. The problem is that it is not free, and only works in Windows. [Read More]
  • Ruby Programming Challenge

    Python has a quite interesting programming challenge. Unfortunately it is not possible to do the challenge in any other programming language, because in the later levels it starts to depend on special libraries that are only available in Python. [Read More]
  • Getting into Shape

    The blog is finally getting into shape. I did some hefty modifications on the White as Milk theme (at least it was difficult for me as I have not done anything in CSS for years). But now it looks nice at least in Firefox and Opera, I will test IE tomorror at work. Now it’s time for me to put some content on the site. [Read More]
  • Design?

    Please tell me what you think about the design of this site. Is it hard to read? This is a test posting to demonstrate how all the formatting looks like. This is bold, and this is italic. A link looks like this, and now to a blockquote: [Read More]
  • Extra! Extra!

    A new weblog is in the making. Just wait a bit, and do not worry, I will add all the content I used to have on my old website. I also promise that I will update this site more frequently with what I have to say. [Read More]