How to Make a Compact Gnome Theme

The themes Human Compact and Clearlooks Compact have been quite a success, and I got several requests to make a tutorial on how to create such a compact theme. [Read More]

Create High Quality Flash Videos in Ubuntu

I recently got a nice new camera that can shoot HDTV videos, and the only way to show off the awesome quality to the world is by creating flash videos by myself. Unfortunately I have lost the example, so you have to trust me. on this. I only have the screenshot left: [Read More]

ActionCam Damberg Kriterium

On 29th August, we went on a cool mountain biking trip around the Damberg. Here is a map of the famous Damberg Kriterium. It is about 43 km, and 850 meters in altitude (bikemap overestimates 1040m). It was a fun trip, thanks for Jürgen (who was NOT the organizer) for organizing this! Here is the route: [Read More]
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Two Word Anagram Finder Algorithm (in Ruby)

Today I have got some sourcecode for you. There is a little programming challenge named The Self-Documenting Code Contest that is quite fun, they try to find the cleanest and easiest to read code for this task: [Read More]
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Human Compact Gnome Theme (for Ubuntu 8.04)

Thanks to the overwhelming success of the Clearlooks Compact Theme and demand from several users I have now created a Human Compact theme. Basically it features the same compactness as Clearlooks Compact, but the look & feel of the Ubuntu Human theme. So, if you want compactness and did not like the cold blue look of clearlooks, this is for you. It should also work well with the Eee pc, there even is a nice tutorial here. [Read More]

Netvibes Search Widgets Updated

I have just updated the Netvibes (iGoogle, Apple Dashboard, Opera, Windows Live) search widgets with some Javascript voodoo. See my previous post for more info about these widgets. You can try them inline here: [Read More]
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Netvibes Widgets for JDK and OSS Search

Netvibes has recently released a very cool update on their Widget API (see Ginger and UWA). It is now possible to create widgets that can be used in iGoogle, Apple Dashboard, Opera, Windows Live, Windows Vista, and of course Netvibes itself. I have just created two widgets for the two search engines Open Source Software and Java Developer Kit (JDK) Documentation which I believe are extremely convenient, but try for yourself! [Read More]
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Logical Volume Manager Cheatsheet

Today I got a new harddisk, so it was finally time for me to have an in depth look at LVM. I use it to combine two harddisks /dev/sdg1 and /dev/sdb1 into one volume group ext_vg which contains one big logical volume /dev/ext_vg/ext. In short, my 250GB and 500GB harddisks are used in one big 750GB ext3 mount point. [Read More]
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Recovering from Hack

Hi fellow readers, two days ago I have noticed that my blog got hacked. Somebody has used php injection to add lots of links to dubious sites to my blog. This was invisible to the browsers but very much for search engines, and as a result I have been kicked out of the google index. Oh well. I have just upgraded to the newest version of wordpress, and the content is back too. While I am at it, I will also select and customize a brand new theme to make this site look uber-cool and hip again. That means that... [Read More]
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Get More Space Out of Your ext3 Partition

I have just discovered that ext3 defaults to reserving 5% of its partition exclusively for root, as a precaution measure that your system does not get FUBAR when you use it for your root partition. I have a 230GB external USB disk that I use for all my big storage requirements, downloaded stuff, backups etc. Due to this reservation I had 11.5GB of unusable disk space, thankfully this is easy to fix: [Read More]
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Up, Up and Away!

This will be my last entry for some time. On 1st December I fly to South Africa and will have lots of fun traveling around, learning how to surf, and generally doing all kinds of stupid things for about 3 weeks. After that I will celebrate Christmas with my family and eat Christmas cookies until I cannot move anymore. To get fit again, I have already book my flight to Barcelona where there is a great Aikido class. After celebrating New Year there and eating tons of Tapas I finally get back on 3rd January. [Read More]
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Major Clearlooks Compact Update

The Clearlooks Compact theme was released just a few days ago, and it already is the highest rated theme at, out of more than a thousand. I guess the compactness really hit the nerve of lots of Linux users. [Read More]
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Compact Theme Update

Compact theme just got more compact, now it switches to 16x16 icons which saves quite a bit of space for the buttons. More info here.
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Clearlooks Compact Gnome Theme

I have been using Ubuntu for quite a while now, but one thing I really dislike is that all the themes are huge space wasters compared to Windows XP. This finally got me angry enough to create a customized version of the Clearlooks theme that tries to be very compact but still maintain its beautiful look. I like the result quite a lot, I have been using this theme for more than two weeks now and it works great. It is especially nice for intense applications like Eclipse. [Read More]
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