• e updated

    I have updated the extraction utility e with several new extraction rules. It now contain 28 different rules for extracting archives. This means it can extract zip, rar, 7zip, gzip, bzip2, rpm, deb, cab, arj, ace, ppmd, lzo, tar.bz2, tar.gz, tlz, tar.lzma, ar, cpio, dar, uharc, zzip, and some more with a single common interface if you have the tools on your PC. Get it here.
  • The Best Educational Videos

    It is cold and foggy outside, which is the best time to kill… time. And what would be better than killing time with something extremely interesting? I have watched a lot of online documentations, and selected the cream of the crop for you. Watch all of them them, I ensure you that you will get this amazing “wow” feeling after each of them. Read on to view the videos. [Read More]
  • Homepage Relocated

    Finally, the homepage is online again (more or less). My last webhoster went bancrupt or something, at least he is unreachable. That means that our family’s domain ankerl.org seems to be lost, along with all the files I had on the server. [Read More]
  • Jeans Team — Das Zelt

    The Jeans Team has produced an absolutely excellent song, the summer hit for 2006 (german language). The MP3 is not available for download any more, but at least you can watch it on YouTube: [Read More]
  • Redesigning JUnit Asserts

    After reading about Behaviour Driven Development, using jMock for a while, and since I am very fond of Ruby’s core class APIs, I am sure the assertations of JUnit need a major overhaul. [Read More]
  • Behaviour Driven Development

    Recently there has been quite a bit of fuss about Behaviour Driven Development. So, what is it all about? You should have a look at that presentation from Dave Astels, it is quite interesting: [Read More]
  • CoreWars Simulators Overview

    I have just received a patch for qMars from Pavel Šavara, so I have finally got some updated information about the different CoreWars simulators I have written. All of them have quite different properties, so have a look and choose whichever suites you best: [Read More]
  • Advertisements

    As you may have noticed, I have just added advertisements from google to my website. It will not get me rich but might cover the hosting costs. [Read More]
  • Top 10 Eclipse Hotkeys

    Eclipse has lots and lots of hotkeys, but for daily work you need only a small subset. This are the hotkeys I consider to be the most important time savers: [Read More]
  • Self-hosting Subversion Configuration

    How to configure Subversion with Subversion: check out the configuration files, and have subversion automatically use the latest commited version. You do not need to have access to the repository server any more, just a subversion client and a text editor is enough. If you need to change access rights and users regularly, this can be a huge time saver. [Read More]
  • LZMA Compression in Linux

    7-zip has one of the best compression ratio / decompression speed ratios of the planet. Give it a try, compression ratio is a bit better than RAR, and decompression is faster. The linux port is p7zip. [Read More]
  • CoreWars

    Some years ago I have played a bit with CoreWars, which is a very interesting programming game. corwars.co.uk seems is now hosting my site, because I am too lazy to integrate the data into my new homepage. Have a look at Yace, exhaust-ma and qMars here.
  • Pimp My MPlayer

    MPlayer is my media player of choice. It is available for Windows and Linux, and plays most about every file format in a completely borderless window (a feature I miss in vlc, totem, kmplayer etc.). Here you can find useful configurations to maximise your viewing pleasure: [Read More]